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My journey with react native

As a mobile developer, I never wanted to switch to any hybrid technology, because I thought mobile core technology is the heart of mobile and gives the actual experience of the hardware which are associated with the mobile and I think I am correct, but my company doesn’t have the client associated with core android technology and I am switching to the one of the most know mobile hybrid technology called react-native. Now it is my compulsion but learning new things has been my passion since the beginning.

Let’s discuss what is a react-native and why it is different from other core android technology. Well I am an android developer and I have experience of decades but one thing is clear if you are an android developer then you can create a project which can run in android only but we have the advantage with the react-native is that you can deploy the same code base in three platforms and they are android, ios and web.

Core component

React native has developed some of the core components and mapped with the core component of all three platforms so that you can run the same code into all three platforms android, ios, and web, and these core components are

We are a big community of developers around the world and we are made to solve the problem of the world. we can contribute to the react-native world so that Facebook has developed an API structure called react component. A react component is nothing but the marshal of components and it includes community code, native code, core code, and your code.

react-native is getting more popular days and I experienced by clients and other colleagues developer friends that the development of applications in the hybrid platform like react native is easy, fast, and enchanting. I am not sure about the further journey with the react-native but I started my journey by today

hip..hip. hurry 🍾🪄🎁



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